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The Washington Supreme Court is the highest court in the judicial system of Washington. The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and eight Justices.[1] Members of the Court are elected at large in nonpartisan elections to six-year terms. Justices must retire at the age of 75.

Rulings on ballot measures

Ballot measure Legal issue Outcome
I-960 (2007) Prohibited initiative subject Court kept I-960 on the ballot (private lawsuit had sought to have it removed)
I-695 (1999) Single-subject rule Court invalidated I-695; see Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 v. State of Washington
I-747 (2001) Voters were ignorant All provisions of I-747 were invalidated; see Washington Citizens Action v. State
I-722 (2000) Single-subject rule All provisions of I-722 were invalidated
I-69 (1948) Court declared that I-169 was unconstitutional

Rulings on initiative rights

Current Justices

  • Gerry L. Alexander, Chief Justice[2]
  • Debra Stephens[2]
  • Tom Chambers [2]
  • Mary Fairhurst [2]
  • Charles W. Johnson[2]
  • James M. Johnson [2]
  • Barbara Madsen [2]
  • Susan Owens [2]
  • Richard B. Sanders [2]

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