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Transparency legislation proposed in Washington.


A draft of new legislation to change the state's law has been introduced in the 2009 legislative session.[1]


  • SB 5119 - Eliminate the Washington Sunshine Committee. [2]
  • SB 5130 - Prisoner access to public records.[3] Sen. Mike Carrell (R-Lakewood) is the sponsor and says he has concerns that the current law (which allows prisoners to file FOIA requests) may be too liberal. [4]
  • SB 5249 - Changing public records request provisions.[5]
  • SB 5250 - Increases the maximum per page copying charge under the public records act.[6]
  • SB 5251 - Defines per page cost for the purpose of copying costs under the public records act.[7]

The Seattle Times editorialized against the three bills proposed by Sen. Darlene Fairley (D-Shoreline): SB5249, SB5250 and SB5251, calling their common theme of increasing the costs of obtaining open records "a move sure to discourage people with the right to keep tabs on their government". [8]


  • HB 1017 - Creating a committee to study the feasibility of creating a board with public records act and open public meetings act responsibilities. [9]
  • HB 1105 - Regarding public disclosure of records relevant to a controversy to which an agency is a party. [10]
  • HB 1106 - Removing the ability of agencies to enjoin the examination of a specific public record. [11]
  • HB 1107 - Regarding local government self-insurance programs and public records. [12]
  • HB 1181 - Regarding prisoner access to public records.[13]
  • HB 1288 - Exempts the annual parental declaration of intent to home school from the public disclosure act.[14]
  • HB 1316 - Provides a court procedure to enjoin the production of public records the court deems were made for the purpose of harassment.[15]
  • HB 1317 - Governs the disclosure of public records containing information used to locate or identify employees of criminal justice agencies.[16]
  • HB 1471 - Removing the public records exemption for certain records addressing public sector collective bargaining. [17] [18]


  • Washington House Bill 2342 (2008) would create a website detailing state budget information.


King County, Washington

  • Transparency in Taxation initiative requires a breakdown of property tax be sent to all taxpayers.