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===Committee membership===
===Committee membership===
* [[Appropriations Committee, Virginia House]]
*General Laws
* [[General laws Committee, Virginia House]]
* [[Rules Committee, Virginia House]]
*Subcommittee on ABC/Gaming
*Subcommittee on ABC/Gaming
*Subcommittee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources
*Subcommittee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Delegate Abbitt speaking at a tree dedication ceremony
Watkins Abbitt, Jr. is a Independent member of the Virginia House of Delegates, representing District 59 since 1986.

Abbitt is the owner of Abbitt Realty and the Conner Insurance Agency.[1]

Committee membership

  • HB 2168 Stormwater offsets; authorizes permit-issuing authorities to allow permit holders to comply.
  • HB 2169 Towing and Recovery Operators, Board of; membership, powers & duties relating to suspension, etc.
  • HB 2390 Alcoholic beverage control; designates as agents of ABC Board any licensed distiller who blends.[2]

Major donors

The top 5 donors to Abbitt's 2007 campaign:[3]

  • 1. VA Assoc of Realtors $6,691
  • 2. VA Automobile & Truck Dealers Assoc $5,250
  • 3. Mirra, Raymond A $5,000
  • 4. Carter Jr, Robert $5,000
  • 5. VA Dental Assoc $5,000

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  3. Follow the Money - 2007 Campaign Contributions