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West New York Mayoral and City Commission recall, New Jersey (2014)

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An effort to recall Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioners Caridad Rodriguez, Fior D'Aliza Frias and Ruben Vargas in West New York, New Jersey from their positions was launched in 2013. The recall effort was spearheaded by Commissioner Count Wiley and is, according to Wiley, an extension of a recall effort first launched in August 2012. The original recall effort stemmed from the commission's vote to remove Wiley from his position as Commissioner of Public Safety. Also at issue were charges brought by the federal government against Roque alleging that he had conspired to hack an opponent's campaign website. Roque was ultimately acquitted of those charges.[1][2]

A judge ruled in January 2014 that Wiley's petitions were unacceptable, siding with the determination of the West New York city clerk and effectively ending the recall effort.[1][2]

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Wiley and recall proponents first submitted their petitions to the city clerk on September 18, 2013. Each contained more than 6,300 signatures, well above the 5,317 signatures required. Clerk Carmela Riccie, however, found 2,500 to 3,000 signatures on each petition to be invalid, citing a number of flaws in the form and substance of the petitions. Wiley and his supporters appealed the decision, but Hudson County Superior Court Judge Peter Bariso ruled against Wiley, finding that the petitions were invalid. Further, Bariso dismissed the case "with prejudice," meaning that Wiley cannot resubmit his complaint to the Superior Court. Such rulings often pose obstacles to further appeals, as higher courts have traditionally opted not to hear cases dismissed with prejudice.[1][2]

Wiley has suggested he is reviewing options for moving the recall effort forward.[2]

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