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West Virginia University and Big East Conference in jurisdiction fight over lawsuits concerning WVU's transition to the Big 12

WV and RI Conflicting lawsuits have been filed in both the West Virginia Circuit Courts and the Rhode Island Superior Court debating the ability of West Virginia University to terminate it's contract with the Big East football conference. The University filed suit in Monongalia County Circuit Court to invalidate the bylaws of the Big East conference in order to permit the university an early exit from the conference to join the Big 12 in time for the 2012 football season.[1] Four days later, The Big East filed a counter suit in Providence County Superior in Rhode Island, seeking to compel the University to stay in the Big East for two additional years.[2] Both organizations seek to dismiss the lawsuit outside of their state. The University argues that they have sovereign immunity as they are an arm of the state, while the Big East argues that because it is headquartered in Rhode Island, the harm occurred there and it falls under their jurisdiction. Judges from both courts have heard arguments, but no rulings have been issued.

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