West Virginia Lieutenant Governor Amendment (2012)

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The West Virginia Lieutenant Governor Amendment did not appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the state of West Virginia as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would have added the elected position of lieutenant governor in the state and mandate that the candidate be the running mate of a gubernatorial candidate. In addition to this provision, the amendment would allow state governors to serve 10 consecutive years if said governor began his or her term by finishing an unexpired term of two years or less, according to reports.[1]


The following is information obtained from the opposing side of the measure:

  • According to lieutenant governor and state senate president Jeffrey Kessler, regarding the measure: “I think most of that is water under the bridge. Let the legislation go forward and see if there’s an appetite for it. The people of the state will have to consider and vote upon it. But I think the process we had has served us well for 150 years."[2]

Path to the ballot

See also: West Virginia legislatively-referred constitutional amendments

A two-thirds vote in both chambers of the West Virginia State Legislature is required to refer an amendment to the ballot.

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