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Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice ruled in cases involving law firm that represented him without charge

Madison, Wisconsin: Questions have been raised about Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman's rulings in cases involving Wisconsin law firm Michael Best & Friedrich.[1][2] On December 20, 2011 it was reported that Gableman received free services from this law firm, and then subsequently ruled on cases involving them in his capacity as Supreme Court judge. The most high-profile example is the Supreme Court's hearing of the collective bargaining law, which was upheld 4-3. Gableman voted to uphold the hotly contested law, which the law firm in question helped to develop; the firm was hired by Governor Scott Walker.[3]

As a result of this information coming to light the district attorney is now considering bringing the collective bargaining law in front of the court once again, however Gableman would have to offer to step down in the hearing of the case, as a recent ruling states that, "the court cannot force a member to withdraw from a case."[3] In addition, attorney Jeremy Levinson has filed a motion with the court asking that Gableman not hear the upcoming redistricting case, as the law firm in question was initially brought on board by Republican legislators to assist in the re-drawing of legislative boundaries and was also representing Republicans in the lawsuit. Though the firm is no longer involved, Levinson still feels it is inappropriate that Gableman rule in the case.[4]

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