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Wisconsin Conservation Congress

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The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is an advisory body whose delegates are elected by Wisconsin citizens to represent their interests in natural resources. It works with the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board sets policy for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

Main article: Wisconsin government sector lobbying

The vice-chairman of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board has expressed concern over whether the Wisconsin Conservation Congress should be allowed to use state money to lobby the Legislature and take positions on issues of public policy before the Natural Resources Board itself has defined that policy.[1] He noted that per Administrative Code, WCC's role is to advise the Department and Board. It is not to issue press releases or advocate before the legislature when the Board has not defined policy.

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress takes issue stances. In June 2009, the Congress joined two other groups in protesting a proposed amendment to the state budget, removing a requirement that land purchased with state Stewardship funds be open to the public for hunting, trapping, and fishing.[1] Similarly, in September, the Congress joined with the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation in giving support to a bill that would return appointment authority for the Department of Natural Resources secretary to the National Resources Board.[1] These attempts to influence lawmakers are lobbying.

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