Wisconsin Gambling Expansion Prohibited Amendment 2 (April 1993)

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Gambling Expansion Prohibited Amendment was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment on the April 6, 1993 ballot in Wisconsin, where it was approved.

This amendment to Article IV, Section 24 of the Wisconsin Constitution official limited the types of gambling allowed in the state.[1]

Election results

Gambling Expansion Prohibited
Approveda Yes 623,987 58.9%

Official results via: The Wisconsin Blue Book 1993-1994

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Gambling expansion prohibited. Shall article IV of the constitution be revised to clarify that all forms of gambling are prohibited except bingo, raffles, pari-mutuel ontrack betting and the current state-run lottery and to assure that the state will not conduct prohibited forms of gambling as part of the state-run lottery?".[1]

Constitutional changes

(NOTE: Scored material is added; stricken material is deleted; italics show text created.)
SECTION I. Section 24 (I) and (2) (intro.) of article IV of the constitution are amended to read:
[Article IV] Section 24 (I) Except as provided in this section, the legislature shall never may not authorize gambling in any lottery or grant any divorce form.
(2) (intro.) Except as otherwise provided by law, the following activities do not constitute consideration as an element a lottery gambling:
SECTION 2. Section 24 (6) of article IV of the constitution is renumbered section 24 (6) (a) of article IV.
SECTION 3. Section 24 (6) (b) and (c) of article IV of the constitution are created to read:
[Article IV/ Section 24 (6) (b) The lottery authorize d under par. (a) shall be an enterprise that entitles the player, by purchasing a ticker, to participate in a game of chance if: I) the winning rickets are randomly predetermined and the player reveals preprinted numbers or symbols from which it can be immediately determined whether the ticket is a winning ticket entitling the player to win a prize as prescribed in the features and procedures for tire game, including an opportunity to win a prize in a secondary or subsequent chance drawing or game; or 2) the ticket is evidence of the numbers or symbols selected by the player or, at tire player 's option. selected by a computer. and the player becomes entitle d to a prize as prescribed in the features and procedures for tire game, including an opportunity to win a prize in a secondary or subsequent chance drawing or game if some or all oft he player's symbols or numbers are selected in a chance drawing or game, if the player's ticket is randomly selected by the computer at the rime of purchase or if the ticket is selected in a chance drawing.
(c) Notwithstanding the authorization of a state lottery under par. (a), the following games, or games simulating any oft he following games, may not be conducted by the state as a lottery: 1) any . game in which winners are selected based on the results of a race or sporting event; 2) any banking card game, including blackjack, baccarat or chemin de fer; 3) poker; 4) roulette; 5) craps or any other game that involves rolling dice; 6) keno; 7) bingo 21, bingo jack, bingolet or bingo craps; 8) any game of chance that is played on a slot machine or any mechanical. electromechanical or electronic device that is generally available to be played at a gambling casino; 9) any game or device that is commonly known as a video game of chance or a video gaming machine or that is commonly considered to be a video gambling machine, unless such machine is a video device operated by the state in a game authorized under par. (a) to permit the sale of tickets through retail outlets under contract with the state and the device does not determine or indicate whether the player has won a prize , other than by verifying that the player's ticket or some or all of the player's symbols or numbers on the player's ticket have been selected in a chance drawing, or by verifying that the player 's ticket has been randomly selected by a central system computer at the time of purchase; 10) any game that is similar to a game listed in this paragraph; or 11) any other game that is commonly considered to be a form of gambling and is not, or is not substantially similar to, a game conducted by the state under par. (a). No game conducted by the state under par. (a) may permit a player of the game to purchase a ticket. or to otherwise participate in tire game. from a residence by using a computer, telephone or other form of electronic, telecommunication, video or technological aid.

SECTION 4. Subsection 1st of section 31 of article IV of the constitution is renumbered section 31(1) of article IV and amended to read:
[Article IV) Section 31(1) For changing the name names of persons or constituting one person the heir at law of another or granting any divorce.
SECTION 5. Subsections 2d to 9th of section 3l of article IV of the constitution are renumbered section 31 (2) to (9) of article IV.
SECTION 6. Section 32 of article IV of the constitution is amended to read:
[Article IV] Section 32. The legislature shall may provide by general laws law for the transaction treatment of any business that may be subject for which lawmaking is prohibited by section thirty-one 31 of this article, and all. Subject to reasonable classifications, such laws shall be uniform in their operation throughout the state.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • First Legislative Approval: AJR 1 & JR 27 (Special Session 1992)
  • Second Legislative Approval: SJR 2& JR 3 (1993)[2]

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