Wisconsin Justice of Peace Amendment, Question 2 (April 1966)

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The Wisconsin Justice of Peace Amendment was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment on the April 5, 1966 ballot in Wisconsin, where it was approved.

This amendment modified Article VII, Section 2 and 15 of the Wisconsin Constitution to abolish the position of Justice of Peace and authorizes establishment of inferior courts.[1]

Election results

Question 1
Approveda Yes 321,434 59.77%

Official results via: The Wisconsin Blue Book 1968

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

"Shall sections 2 and 15 of article VII of the state constitution be amended so as to abolish the constitutional office of justice of the peace and authorize the establishment of inferior courts?"[1]

Constitutional changes

(Article VII) Section 2. The judicial power of this state, both as to matters of law and equity, shall be vested in a supreme court, circuit courts, and courts of probate, and in justices of the peace. The legislature may also vest such jurisdiction as shall be deemed necessary in municipal courts, and shall have power to establish may authorize the establishment of inferior courts in the several counties. cities, villages or towns, with limited civil and criminal jurisdiction. Provided, that the jurisdiction which may be vested in municipal courts shall not exceed in their respective municipalities that of circuit courts in their respective circuits as prescribed in this constitution; and that the legislature shall provide as well for the election of judges of the municipal courts as of the judges of inferior courts, by the qualified electors of the respective jurisdictions. The term of office of the judges of the said municipal and inferior courts shall not be longer than that of the judges of the circuit courts.

Section 15. Repealed; formerly provided for the election of justices of the peace in towns. cities and villages.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • First Legislative Approval: SJR 32 & JR 48 (1963)
  • Second Legislative Approval: SJR 26 & JR 50 (1965)[2]

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