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* [[Wisconsin Assembly]]
* [[Wisconsin Assembly]]
* [[Wisconsin Legislature]]
* [[Wisconsin Legislature]]
* [[Wisconsin Senate]]
* [[Wisconsin State Senate]]
==External links==
==External links==

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The Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) is one of two legislative service agencies in the Wisconsin Legislature. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau is dedicated as a non-partisan agency providing fiscal analysis and information for Wisconsin Legislators.


The Legislative Fiscal Bureau was created in 1968 and made permanent as an act of the Wisconsin Legislature in 1969. The first fiscal agency known as the Legislative Budget Staff was created in 1963[1].


The Legislative Fiscal Bureau is led by a Director who oversees six different supervisors who lead divisions of the Bureau. Those divisions are dedicated for Education and Building Program, General Government and Justice, Health & Family Services and Insurance, Natural Resources, and Commerce, Tax Policy and Workforce Development, and Transportation and Property Tax Relief. Fiscal analysts work in any of the six policy divisions of the LFB[2].

Services offered

Fiscal analysis

Fiscal analysis is a major responsibility of the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. The LFB is responsible for producing all fiscal analysis statements for related legislation, analyzing and evaluating government programs in each budget, and handling fiscal information requests from legislatores[3]. Also, monitoring and estimates of state revenues are provided by the LFB.[4].

Joint Finance Committee

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau serves as the official support staff of the Wisconsin Legislative Committee on Joint Finance, a 12 person committee responsible for the appropriations of Wisconsin state government. The main function is assisting the Joint Finance Committee draft Wisconsin's biennial budget produced every two years[5].

Wisconsin budget

The Wisconsin Budget falls into the majority of the duties of the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Other than drafting the budget, the LFB is responsible for handling budget requests for all state government agencies in Wisconsin. Also, the LFB staff handles all analysis of all agency budgets long after the budget process is done. This done by monitoring all expenditures and agency program budgets[6].

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