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The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) is one of two legislative service agencies in the Wisconsin Legislature. The Legislative Reference Bureau is dedicated as the general research, publication, and bill drafting arm of Wisconsin's legislators.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau is to serve the Wisconsin Legislature and public by providing nonpartisan legal, research, and library services[1]. The LRB's three main commitments are:

  • Delivering to the Wisconsin Legislature and people related to it, high-quality advice and legislative drafting services in a timely manner.
  • Offering the Wisconsin Legislature and the Public, accurate, timely, and useful information on state government and issues before the legislature.
  • Maintaining for the Wisconsin Legislature and the Public a comprehensive and well-organized collection of library materials and state government documents[1].

The four core values of the Legislative Reference Bureau are non-partisanship, confidentiality, expertise, and pride in the institution of the Wisconsin Legislature[1].


The Legislative Reference Bureau was created in 1901 as its first mission was to help the legislature move more efficiently on matters of bill drafting and research[2].

Services offered


The Legislative Reference Bureau has a staff of 20 attorneys with specific expertise that draft bills, all resolutions, provide legal advice to legislators and legislative committees, and making determinations over procedural rules[3].


The LRB provides numerous publications on the Wisconsin Budget, legislative activity, and other topics of interest for legislators and the general public. Also, the LRB is the publisher of the popular Wisconsin Blue Book which serves as the official information guide of Wisconsin government[4].

Revisor of statutes

Also, the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau serves as the official revisor of the Wisconsin State Statutes, Wisconsin Administrative Code, and the Wisconsin Constitution. Also, the LRB is the official publisher of the Wisconsin State Statutes and Administrative Code[5].


Research is another division of the Legislative Reference Bureau. The Legislative Reference Bureau responds to numerous requests from legislators and the public on state government, the legislature, and its workings. The LRB provides answers questions on Wisconsin's legislative process, assist people locating resources in conducting research, and suggest agencies in providing information on state government questions[6].


The Attorneys of the Legislative Reference Bureau drafts all questions for statewide referendums that are proposed via a joint resolution[3].

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