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Wisconsin gubernatorial election, 2010

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In the Wisconsin gubernatorial election of 2010, held on November 2, 2010, Republican Scott Walker defeated Democrat Tom Barrett. Incumbent Jim Doyle, the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin, was term-limited.

In the September 14, 2010 primary elections, Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee, and Walker, a County Executive of the same, were each challenged by a single opponent. Non-profit executive Timothy S. John lost the Democratic race to Barrett and Mark Neuman, who spent a single term in Congress, failed to top Walker among GOP voters.

November 2, 2010 general election results

As of December 8, 2010, certified results are available along with the signed canvass of votes.[1]

2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial general election
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party Tom Barrett 46.48%
     Republican Party Approveda Scott Walker 52.25%
     Independent Jim Langer 0.49%
     Libertarian Party No Candidate 0.31%
     CS James James 0.38%
     Independent Leslie Ervin Smetak >0.01%
     Independent Patricia Messici >0.01%
     Independent Hari Trivedi >0.01%
     - (scatter) >0.01%
Total Votes 2,160,832

Inauguration and transition

Inaugural date

Governor-elect Scott Walker will be inaugurated on January 3, 2011.

Transition team

Governor-elect Walker has set up his transition page at Transition WI. Mike Grebe and John Hiller will lead the transition as Chairman and Transition Director, respectively.[2]

The transition's physical address is at:

Risser Justice Center
Suite 310
17 West Main Street
Madison, WI 53703

Appointments in the Walker Administration

Three key figures from the Walker campaign will move to the administration in the same positions.[3]

  • Ryan Murray, Deputy Director of Policy
  • Joe Fadness, Deputy Director for Operations
  • Cullen Werwie, Press Secretary

Keith Gilkes, who served as Walker's Campaign Manager, was officially named Chief of Staff on November 30, 2010[4].

September 14, 2010 primary

It's Barrett and Walker for November in Wisconsin. To no one's real surprise, Democrat Tom Barrett won the primary, all but obliterating his sole opposition. Across the aisle, Scott Walker and Mark Neumann fought an increasingly harsh battle, while the third GOP hopeful, Scott Paterick, simply never got into the race. Fairly early on election night, the race went for Walker, who had been polling ahead, by a 57% to 40% spread.


2010 Race for Governor - Democrat Primary[5][6]
Candidates Percentage
Tom Barrett (D) 98.94%
Tim John (D) 1.06%
Total votes 1,057,462


2010 Race for Governor - Republican Primary[7][8]
Candidates Percentage
Mark Neumann (R) 40.22%
Scott Paterick (R) 2.60%
Scott Walker (R) 57.18%
Total votes 304,946

Race ratings

See also: Gubernatorial elections 2010, Race tracking

2010 Race Rankings Wisconsin
Race Tracker Race Rating
The Cook Political Report[9] Leans Republican
Congressional Quarterly Politics[10] Toss-up
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball[11] Likely Republican
Rasmussen Reports Gubernatorial Scorecard[12] Solid GOP
The Rothenberg Political Report[13] Lean Republican
Overall Call Republican


9. Cook Political Report moved race from "Toss-up" to "Lean Republican" on October 29th.

8. Rothenberg moved race from "Toss-up Tilting Republican" to "Lean Republican" on October 28th.

7. Larry J. Sabato moved race from "Leans Republican" to "Likely Republican" on October 28th.

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5. Rasmussen moved race from "Toss-up" to "Leans GOP" again following October 13th poll.

4. Rasmussen moved race from "Leans GOP" back to "Toss-up" On October 1st.

3. Rasmussen moved race from "Toss-up" to "Leans GOP" again following September 15th poll.

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1. Rasmussen moved race from "Toss-up" to "Leans GOP" following August 12th poll.


The November Ballot – Who Made It? Wisconsin Governor[14]
Nominee Affiliation
Tom Barrett and Tom Nelson Democrat
Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch Republican
James James Common Sense
James Dean "Jim" Langer Independent
"No Candidate" (on the ballot w/ Lt. gov. candidate Terry Virgil) Libertarian
Hariprasad Trivedi Independent (write-in)
Leslie Ervin Smetak (write-in)
This lists candidates who won their state's primary or convention, or who were unopposed, and who were officially certified for the November ballot by their state's election authority.


  • Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee and attorney, helped found the M-7 group to spur economic development in southern Wisconsin [15]
  • Timothy S. John, an author and non-profit executive [16]

Former Candidates

  • Jared Gary Christiansen did not meet the July 15, 2010 deadline to file nomination papers
  • Barbara Lawton, Wisconsin's current lt. governor, left the race October 26, 2009, saying, "For very personal reasons, I will not pursue the Democratic nomination for governor in 2010." [17]
  • Dominic L. Reinwand also did not file papers by July 15, 2010
  • Frederick Westphal [18] is also presumably not running, having missed the July 15th filing deadline


  • Erick Scoglio was not able to gather adequate signatures by the filing deadline, but Terry Virgil was able to qualify for the ballot as the Libertarian nominee for lieutenant governor. Because voters don't vote separately for governor and lieutenant governor in Wisconsin, the Libertarian ticket will be listed as "No candidate" for governor and Terry Virgil for lieutenant governor.


  • Mark Neumann moved from teaching college mathematics to starting a real estate business to running successfully for Congress in 2004. He served a single term before challenging Russ Feingold for Wisconsin's Senate seat, ultimately losing. [19]
  • Scott Walker has served as the Milwaukee County Executive since 2002

Former Candidates

  • Steven R. Evans switched his candidacy from Independent to Republican on May 24, 2010 but then failed to file papers by July 15th
  • William Michael "Bill" Ingram has dropped out the race to pursue a seat in the General Assembly as of May 5, 2010. He has since endorsed Scott Walker
  • Scott S. Paterick
  • John Schiess ended his campaign when he turned in an insufficient number of signatures on July 15th.
  • Travis D. Swenby did not file nomination papers by the deadline
  • Mark Todd left the race of April 15, 2010, citing difficulties in remaining competitive in the fundraising race


  • James James, a Fond du Lac native who founded a construction company, is campaigning with the Common Sense party
  • James Dean Langer

Former Candidates

  • Michael J. Blinkwitz did not file papers by the deadline
  • Danny M. Gawrisch did not file enough valid signatures
  • Phil Miller switched from running as a Republican to running as an Independent on February 22, 2010 but did not file nomination papers in the end.
  • Kevin Gene Schmidtke did not file on time
  • Bruce L. VanSky did not file papers by the deadline
  • Terry Virgil[18] switched to the Lieutenant Governor's race under the Libertarian banner on April 15th.


  • Leslie Ervin Smetak entered the race as a write-in after being laid her. Her campaign is focusing on encouraging other victims of layoffs and economic distress to vote for candidates who are pledging to provide more social services.
  • Hariprasad Trivedi

Campaign issues


Two other endorsements came out in June which have the possibility to affect Wisconsin's next governor very significantly. Democrat Jim Doyle, who has held the office for eight years, has been a supporter of legalized abortion and abortion rights. Wisconsin's last two Republican governors, Tommy Thompson and Scott McCallum, neither sought nor received endorsements from major right to life groups. Nor did 2006 GOP gubernatorial hopeful Mark Green, despite an extensive Congressional voting record that supported pro-life positions.[20]

However, both Mark Neumann and Scott Walker have received 100% scores and formal gubernatorial endorsements [21] from Wisconsin Right to Life. Moreover, the smaller and more hardline group Pro Life Wisconsin, which opposes birth control under any circumstances and opposes abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and threats to the mother's life, has made endorsements of both Mr. Walker and Mr. Neumann. [22]

By the time these two groups had made endorsements, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, the political arm of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, had already endorsed Democrat Tom Barrett[23] [24], setting the stage for the approaching primaries and the fall campaign season to veer into one of America's most continually heated social issues.

Signaling that this may just what to expect from Wisconsin's primary season, Right to Life Legislative Director Susan Armacost criticized Mr. Barrett's positions, saying, "We will have much more to say about Barrett's record in the months to come."

John-David Morgan's comments

In its Sunday section on September 19, 2010, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel broke the story of a union organizer for SIEU Local No. 1, John-David Morgan, who made damaging contents about alleged coordination between the union PAC and Democrat Tom Barrett's campaign. Morgan was unaware that the man he was speaking to was a paid staffer for Republican Scott Walker and that the staffer, Michael Brickman, was recording the entire conversation.

On the recording, Morgan boasted about having the local media on his side and claimed to have supervisory level government employees working with him to discredit Walker. The Wisconsin Republican party filed an official complaint on September 20th and SIEU announced they had fired Morgan.[25]


Primary campaign


Tom Barrett

Mark Neumann

Scott Walker

527 organizations

One Wisconsin Now

Republican Governors Association

General Election


Tom Barrett

Scott Walker

527 organizations

One Wisconsin Now

Republican Governors Association

Key endorsements

Tom Barrett (D)

Mark Neumann (R)

Scott Walker (R)

Gubernatorial electoral history

1998 Gubernatorial Results[61]
Candidates Percentage
Tommy Thompson (R) 59.66%
Ed Garvey (D) 38.70%
Jim Mueller (L) 0.63%
Edward Frami (T) 0.58%
Mike Mangan (I) 0.28%
(write-in) 0.14%
Total votes 1,756,014
2002 Gubernatorial Results[62][63]
Candidates Percentage
James Doyle (D) 45.09%
Scott McCallum (R) 41.39%
A. Ed Thompson (L) 10.45%
James Young (WG) 2.48%
(write-in) 0.59%
Total votes 1,765,899
2006 Gubernatorial Results[64][65]
Candidates Percentage
Jim Doyle (D) 52.70%
Mark Green (I) 45.31%
Nelson Eisman (WG) 1.88%
(write-in) 0.11%
Total votes 2,161,700

Presidential electoral history

2000 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George W. Bush (R) 47.61%
Al Gore (D) 47.83%
2004 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George W. Bush (R) 49.32%
John Kerry (D) 49.70%
2008 Presidential Results[66]
Candidates Percentage
John McCain (R) 42.31%
Barack Obama (D) 56.22%

1992 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George H.W. Bush (R) 36.78%
Bill Clinton (D) 41.13%
1996 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
Bob Dole (R) 38.48%
Bill Clinton (D) 48.81%

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