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Wisconsin Constitution
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The Wisconsin referendum is one of two types of measures that appear on Wisconsin election ballots, the other being legislatively-referred constitutional amendments.

The Wisconsin Legislature can submit Statewide referendum questions to the citizen:

  1. To ratify a law extending the right of suffrage (as required by the state constitution).
  2. To ratify a law that has been passed contingent on voter approval.
  3. To seek voter opinion through an advisory referendum.[1]

History of Wisconsin referenda

Between 1848 and 2011, the Wisconsin Legislature has sent:

  • 53 referendum questions on the ballot through the passage of acts or joint resolutions, 41 of which were ratified.

Before Wisconsin became a state, the territorial legislature sent:

  • 4 questions on the ballot, 2 of which passed
    • one to ratify the state constitution
    • one to allow the formation of a state government.[1]

List of Wisconsin referenda

The following Wisconsin referenda have been categorized on Ballotpedia:

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