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List of school districts in Wisconsin

State profile
Number of students: 871,551
Number of schools: 2,211
Number of school districts: 424
Graduation rate: 90%
Per-pupil spending: $11,453
State school administration
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Evers
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List of school districts in Wisconsin
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Wisconsin is home to 424 school districts, 2,211 schools and 871,551 K-12 students.[1]

Quick facts

The current State Superintendent of Public Instruction is Tony Evers. The following lists current members of the State Superintendent's Cabinet:[2]

  • Deputy State Superintendent: Michael Thompson
  • Executive Assistant: Sue Grady
  • Special Assistant: Burton S. Jones
  • Chief Legal Counsel: Janet Jenkins
  • Director of Education Information Services: John Johnson
  • Senior Policy Advisor: Jessica Justman
  • Assistant State Superintendent, Libraries and Technology: Kurt Kiefer
  • Assistant State Superintendent, Academic Excellence: Sheila Briggs
  • Assistant State Superintendent, Finance and Management: Brian Pahnke
  • Assistant State Superintendent, Learning Support: Carolyn Stanford Taylor
  • Assistant State Superintendent, Student and School Success: Lynette Russell


The following list details the racial demographics of Wisconsin schools according to the U.S. Department of Education:[1]

Racial demographics
Race  % of Wisconsin students
American Indian 1.3
Asian 3.6
African American 9.8
Hispanic/Latino 10.1
Islander 0.1
White 73.1
Two or more 2.2

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: List of school board elections in 2014

In 2013, 11 of the top enrollment school districts in Wisconsin held elections for a total of 31 school board seats across the state. Ten of the top enrollment school districts in Wisconsin will hold elections for 25 seats in April, 2014.

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