Worcester County Public Schools, Maryland

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Elected Officials P
Administrative Officials P
Contracts P
Audits N
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Public Records N
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Background Checks N
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Transparency grading process
Worchester County is a school district in Maryland.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Maryland school district websites

This website was most recently reviewed Sept. 5, 2012.

The good

  • Budget, including revenue information, is available.[1]
  • Telephone numbers for administrative officials is available.[2]
    • Email is not posted.
  • Meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes are available.[3][4][5]
  • Teacher salary scale is available.[6]
  • Links are provided to local and state sites including academic performance information.[7]
  • Current bid notices are posted.[8]
    • Awarded bids are not posted.

The bad

  • Email not included in contact information for administrative officials.
  • Background checks are unavailable.
  • Information regarding accessing public records is not available.
  • Audits are unavailable.
  • Current teacher and vendor contracts are not available.
  • Board of Education contact information not available for individual members.[9]

Board of education

The Worcester County Board of Education is comprised of seven members who are elected by district, by the voters of Worcester County. The term of office is four years. In addition, the Board has three non-voting student members representing each high school. Board members elect a president and vice president from among the membership.[10]

Below is a list of current board of education members.

Member District
Robert G. Hulburd District 6
Robert A. Rothermel, Jr.,President District 7
Jonathan C. Cookm Vice President District 5
J. Douglas Dryden District 1
Barry Brittingham, Sr. District 2
Donnie L. Shockley District 4
Sara D. Thompson District 3

Dr. Jon M. Andes serves as Superintendent of Schools.

Teacher contracts

School budget

Academic performance

Maryland measures academic progress each year by administering the Maryland School Assessment, the Alternate Maryland School Assessment (for students with disabilities), and the Maryland High School Assessments.[11]

HSA performance

The chart below details the percentage passing the following subjects:[12]

Grade Overall Algebra Biology English Government
Grade 12  %  %  %  %  %
Grade 11  %  %  %  %  %
Grade 10  %  %  %  %  %

MSA performance

The chart below details the percentage passing the following subjects:[12]

Grade Math Reading Science
Grade 8  %  %  %
Grade 7  %  % -
Grade 6  %  % -
Grade 5  %  %  %
Grade 4  %  % -
Grade 3  %  % -


School choice

All schools associated with Board of Education, Worcester County are "non-charter schools."[13]

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