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:: Main article: Congress Project writing guidelines
This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write a Biography/Career section for articles about Congress.

The Biography and Career sections can be variable based on the amount of information. If lots of information is available, the two sections should be split into ==Biography== and ==Career==. However, if there is very little information for a ==Career== section, then everything can be folded into ==Biography==.

Profiles of members of Congress

The biography and career sections should be succinct, and often in bullet-ed form. The purpose of the section is to provide readers with a brief summary of what they have done prior to being elected to Congress.

When building a biography/career section, the following websites should be considered as excellent starting points and references.

For example sections:

Profiles of candidates

Should be treated the same as members of Congress.

Profiles of federal office holders

Should also be treated the same as members of Congress. However, different sources may need to be used.

Example: John Kerry

See also

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