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The project
This is the project page for articles about state executive officials. State executive offices include elected and appointed offices mandated by state constitutions and statutes. The sections below highlight tips and instructions to get started as a contributor to this project. If you have any questions about this page or the project in general, please e-mail


The following list details good rules of thumb when contributing to the State Executives Project:

  • Any article on the project should be written in a neutral tone without personal or political agenda.
  • Each article should be balanced so that it does not give undue weight to any particular characteristic, history or aspect of the issue in question.
  • If statements of opinion are provided in the article, the statement of opinion must be sourced to someone whose opinion it is, who must be identified. The opinion-holder should be notable in some relevant sense.
  • Information included in the article should be supported with footnotes.
  • The information you add must be written in your own words and should never violate copyright.

Writing guidelines

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Executive Officials/Writing guidelines

The writing guidelines for the State Executives Project provide a comprehensive look at how different pages are constructed. Each page starts as a stub with basic information, templates and categories required to meet minimum editorial standards. Guidance about expanding these stubs into in-depth pages on incumbents, challengers, elections and offices are provided in these guidelines.

Tip: When you are ready to contribute, add {{State Official Writer}} to your user page for easy access to this page and the writing guidelines.


The project's elections coverage is discussed at length here. Our coverage includes the use of election racetracking, which determines which candidate or party is favored in a particular race based on past results and polling. The methodology for election racetracking on the State Executives Project is available here.


Article improvement

See also: Articles to improve

The State Executives Project uses article improvement tags (AITs) to mark pages that need to be updated, improved or expanded. A list of pages featuring the following templates is available by clicking here. The box located to the right of this intro highlights similar AIT pages for other projects on Ballotpedia.

AIT types

  • {{SEO unique news update}}: This tag is used when news added to a page will need to be updated in the future. Unique news includes changes in officeholder status, pending legal news and updates with firm deadlines. This tag should be placed next to the news that needs to be updated. A model for a completed unique news tag is:
{{SEO unique news update|Month=MONTH YEAR|Reason=EXPLAIN REASON}}
  • {{SEO quality}}: This tag is used when an article does not meet the minimum standards for a State Executives page or features incorrect information. A quality tag should be placed at the top of an article when necessary.
  • {{SEO update}}: This tag is used when an article needs to be updated with current information. In particular, this tag is used for election coverage. An update tag should be placed at the bottom of the page when necessary.
  • {{seo stub}}: This tag is used when an article is considered a stub, or a page with minimal components as described in the writing guidelines. The stub tag should be placed at the top of the page when necessary.

Common article templates

There are templates commonly used across State Elections Project pages. These templates are listed below:

Talk page

  • {{wso}}: This template should be used when creating a talk page for an article.
Officeholder pages
  • {{State executive officers}}: This template should be included at the bottom of each executive office and officeholder page. The page includes links to state executive overview pages and office term pages.
  • Office-specific templates: The following templates should be included at the bottom of office and officeholder pages. These templates are specific to the office type named in the template:

Info submission links

  • {{submit a bio}}: This template leads to a form for submitting biographical information. A {{submit a bio}} template should be placed in the intro or biography of an officeholder or candidate page.
  • {{submit a link}}: This template leads to a form for submitting links to Ballotpedia. A {{submit a link}} template should be placed underneath the External links header on any page with this section. The template can be placed in the See also section if no external links are listed.



See also: Uploading and categorizing images

There are several types of images used on the State Executives Project including:

Ballotpedia:WikiProject Images
  • officials
  • government buildings
  • maps
  • graphs
  • documents

If you need help identifying appropriate categories for such images, go here for more details.

For specific guidelines on copyright or image permissions, visit the Images project page.


See also: Ballotpedia:State executive official news

News stories are created to cover breaking news across every project on Ballotpedia including State Executives. These stories are concise summaries of the latest news on elections and officeholders. Here are sample news stories:

Required components

  • See also section with links to related pages
  • References section with {{reflist}}
  • {{state news}} above categories



Calendar (2012-present)

The calendar below features notable dates relevant to elections and policy issues across all projects on Ballotpedia. Use the calendar legend on the right-hand side to navigate the calendar and also to click-through to specific content news and pages. Please note that this calendar is updated regularly but is subject to scheduling changes at the local, state and national levels of government. If we are missing any events or elections, please e-mail Ballotpedia's Editor.

     General election info      Ballot Measures      Congress      State Executives      State Legislatures      Municipal Gov't      School Boards      Judicial      Policy

Past project calendars

External links

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The following links are used often by Ballotpedia staff and volunteers to add content to project pages: