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There are several ways to fix errors or inaccuracies you notice on Ballotpedia.

What constitutes an error

An error, as the term applies to wiki articles, is usually grammatical, typographical, or factual; more complex errors are discussed below. Lack of relevant information does not usually constitute an error. There are many stub pages on Ballotpedia with much less information than would be ideal, and even well-developed pages can nearly always be improved by the addition of more information. If you find an article that you think should be expanded, or if you have information which you think belongs in some article(s) on Ballotpedia, please refer to our help articles for tips on how to get that information onto the wiki. Building a comprehensive, up-to-date almanac about the subjects we focus on is the aim of this wiki, but it is and always will be a work in progress. If you have a question about adding to a particular article, and can't find the answer on the wiki itself, the best person to talk to is someone who has worked on that particular article; accordingly, you can go to the "history" tab on the article in question, find a user who has done a lot of work on that page, and post your question or comment on that user's talk page.

First and best option

The first option to take when you notice an error is to try to fix it yourself. See Getting Started or this tutorial to learn how to edit (fix/improve) articles.

Complicated errors

Not all errors are errors of simple fact, grammar or typography. More complicated concerns are about balance, context, tone and fairness. Here are some suggestions for dealing with those concerns.

  • Post a note on the article's 'talk' ('discussion') page describing the error or inaccuracy and saying what you think should be done about it. This is an especially good step to take if your objection to the article is not that it has a fact wrong, but is about the tone or balance (fairness) of the article.
  • If no one has responded to your talk page comment within a reasonable amount of time, then make the change you feel best addresses your concern on the article itself.
  • If your proposed change is likely to be controversial, it is especially helpful to try to talk it through on the talk page first, rather than getting into an "edit war".
  • If you've taken these steps without success in resolving your concerns about bias, you can also send an email to Ballotpedia's executive editor, at

Report an error

If you can't fix an error yourself, you can report it. You can:

  • Post it on the Ways you can help page. This allows any editor who is around to see it and fix it.
  • Send an email to Ballotpedia's editor and assistant editor at with "Reporting an error" in the subject line.


Significant complaints relating to the content of Ballotpedia articles or about such serious matters as copyright infringement are matters of high priority. Any such complaints or concerns should be communicated to: