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The Sam Adams Alliance was a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, that connected and supported citizen leaders across the United States. Its mission statement said that the organization supported groups and individuals "who are working to defend liberty, hold the government accountable, and make real political change at the local level." The Sam Adams Alliance and its 501(c)(4) counterpart, Team Sam, were founded in Chicago on October 20, 2006.

The Sam Adams Alliance sponsored Ballotpedia through June 2009.

The organizations took their names from the American patriot Sam Adams, who is considered the "father of the American Revolution" for his role in connecting colonists in the 18th-century American colonies. Adams allowed them to share information and experience with each other in the hope of instigating a popular effort against the British.[1] Both the Alliance and Team Sam adopted this strategy of action at the local level in the hopes of increasing government accountability and transparency nationwide.


One of its main website initiatives was profiling "Modern-Day Sam Adamses," people it found who demonstrated citizen leadership in accordance with its mission.[2] The Sam Adams Alliance also sponsored The Sammies, a competition to reward activists.

The Sam Adams Alliance produced a radio show called Common Sense with Paul Jacob, which was broadcast on over 150 radio stations nationwide. The Common Sense program is now hosted by the Citizens in Charge Foundation.[3]

The Sam Adams Alliance also launched Sunshine Review, and provided organizational assistance and start-up funds to other groups such as American Majority and Texas Watchdog.

Policy positions

The Sam Adams Alliance and Team Sam worked on behalf of individuals and groups who advocated for greater government accountability and transparency at the local and state level. As such, the organizations did not take overt policy positions, and evaluated the causes it supported on a case-by-case basis, judging them by the amount to which they advanced accountability and transparency in government.


The Sam Adams Alliance and Team Sam were not endowed and did not accept government funding. Both organizations were funded by private donors.[4]

Sam Adams staff

  • Eric O'Keefe is the former Chairman and former CEO of the Sam Adams Alliance and Team Sam.

Sponsorship of Ballotpedia

The Sam Adams Alliance sponsored Ballotpedia from March 2008-June 2009, paying the website's host and server fees, and sponsoring a small staff of writers. On July 1, 2009, it passed the baton to the Lucy Burns Institute. According to an announcement on the Lucy Burns website:

The Sam Adams Alliance has organized, nurtured and spun-off several important projects, including Common Sense with Paul Jacob, American Majority and Texas Watchdog. As Ballotpedia and Judgepedia join the list of projects nurtured and given wings by the Sam Adams Alliance, the Lucy Burns Institute pledges to do its best to steward these public information projects consistent with the traditions and quality they have developed under the leadership of the Sam Adams Alliance.[5]

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