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In the Wyoming gubernatorial election of 2010, held on November 2, 2010, Republican Matt Mead defeated Democrat Leslie Petersen. Incumbent Dave Freudenthal, the Democratic Governor of Wyoming, was term-limited and sued to change the law to gain the opportunity to run for a third term. Though he won his case, in the end he did not run.

In the August 17, 2010 primary elections, Leslie Peterson won with just under half the vote share in a crowded primary field; her closest competitor was Pete Gosar. Among Republicans, Matt Mead, a former U.S. Attorney for Wyoming, only took 28.6%, but it was enough to secure the nomination over State Auditor Rita C. Meyer and former state Rep. Ron Micheli.

Inauguration and transition

Inaugural date

Governor-elect Matt Mead was inaugurated on January 3, 2011.

Transition team

Appointments in the Mead Administration

Governor-elect Mead said he would leave some appointments made by outgoing Governor Dave Freudenthal intact.

On November 22, 2010, Mead announced that Greg Phillips would take over as Wyoming's Attorney General.[1]

November 2, 2010 general election results

Elections results have been certified and are official as of November 10, 2010[2]

Governor of Wyoming, 2010
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Republican Green check mark transparent.pngMatt Mead 65.7% 123,780
     Democratic Leslie Petersen 22.9% 43,240
     Libertarian Mike Wheeler 2.8% 5,362
     Write-Ins Various 8.5% 16,081
Total Votes 188,463
Election Results via Wyoming Secretary of State

August 17, 2010 primary

2010 Race for Governor - Democratic Primary[3]
Candidates Percentage
Pete Gosar (D) 36.32%
Al Hamburg (D) 4.78%
Green check mark.jpg Leslie Petersen (D) 47.17%
Rex Wilde (D) 4.57%
Chris L. Zachary (D) 4.98%
(write-in) 1.67%
Total votes 22,825
2010 Race for Governor - Republican Primary[4]
Candidates Percentage
Alan Kousoulos (R) 0.53%
Green check mark.jpg Matt Mead (R) 28.60%
Rita Meyer (R) 27.92%
Ron Micheli (R) 26.33%
John H. Self 0.28%
Colin Simpson 15.74%
Tom A Ubben (R) 0.41%
(write-in) 0.19%
Total votes 105,960

Race ratings

See also: Gubernatorial elections 2010, Race tracking

2010 Race Rankings Wyoming
Race Tracker Race Rating
The Cook Political Report[5] Solid Republican
Congressional Quarterly Politics[6] Safe Republican
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball[7] Safe Republican
Rasmussen Reports Gubernatorial Scorecard[8] Solid GOP
The Rothenberg Political Report[9] Currently Safe Republican
Overall Call Republican


1. Cook Political Report moved race from "Likely Republican" to "Solid Republican" in its September 30th ratings.


2010 Race for Wyoming Governor - Rasmussen Reports
Date Reported Mead (R) Petersen (D) Other Don't Know
September 30, 2010[10] 61% 25% 5% 8%
August 18, 2010[11] 58% 24% 6% 11%
(Sample)[12] n=500 MoE=+/- 4.5% p=0.05


The November Ballot – Who Made It? Wyoming Governor[13]
Nominee Affiliation
Leslie Petersen Democrat
Matt Mead Republican
Mike Wheeler Libertarian
Taylor Haynes Constitution
This lists candidates who won their state's primary or convention, or who were unopposed, and who were officially certified for the November ballot by their state's election authority.


  • Pete Gosar
  • Al Hamburg
  • Leslie Petersen
  • Rex Wilde
  • Chris L. Zachary


  • Mike Wheeler


  • Alan Kousoulos
  • Matt Mead, the U.S. Attorney for Wyoming from 2001 to 2007
  • Rita C. Meyer, the Wyoming State Auditor, earned Sarah Palin's endorsement on July 29th.[14]
  • Former State Representative Ron Micheli
  • John H. Self
  • Colin M. Simpson, member of the State House
  • Tom A. Ubben

Key endorsements

Leslie Peterson (D)

General campaign endorsements

  • Wyoming Tribune Eagle[15]
  • Trib.com[16]

Primary campaign endorsements

  • Wyoming Education AssociationCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Matt Mead (R)

General campaign endorsements

  • Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY)
  • Senator John Barrasso (R-WY)
  • Congressman Cynthia Lummis (R-WY)
  • Governor Mitt Romney
  • Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association

Primary campaign endorsements

  • Casper Star Tribune
  • Cheyenne Tribune Eagle
  • Jackson Hole News and Guide[17]
  • Wyoming Education Association[18]

Gubernatorial electoral history

1998 Gubernatorial Results[19]
Candidates Percentage
Jim Geringer (R) 55.6%
John P. Vinich (D) 40.5%
Dave Dawson (L) 3.9%
Total votes 200,990
2002 Gubernatorial Results[20]
Candidates Percentage
Dave Freudenthal (D) 50.0%
Eli Bebout (R) 47.9%
Dave Dawson (L) 2.1%
Total votes 184,459
2006 Gubernatorial Results[21]
Candidates Percentage
Dave Freudenthal (D)' 69.99%
Ray Hunkins (R) 30.01%
Total votes 193,616

Presidential electoral history

2000 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George W. Bush (R) 67.76%
Al Gore (D) 27.70%
2004 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George W. Bush (R) 68.86%
John Kerry (D) 29.07%
2008 Presidential Results[22]
Candidates Percentage
John McCain (R) 64.78%
Barack Obama (D) 32.54%

1992 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George H.W. Bush (R) 39.70%
Bill Clinton (D) 34.10%
1996 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
Bob Dole (R) 49.81%
Bill Clinton (D) 36.84%

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