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Beaumont Independent School District, Texas

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Beaumont Independent School District
Beaumont, Texas
BISD logo.png
District Profile
Superintendent:Dr. Carroll A. Thomas
Enrollment:19,893 students
Graduation rate:83.0%
Number of schools:26
Budget: $135 million
Website:School Home Page
Board of Education
Board president:Woodrow Reece
Board members:7
Term length:3
Beaumont Independent School District is the 59th-largest school district in Texas serving 19,893 students in 26 schools. It is based in Beaumont, Texas near the Texas-Louisiana border.

About the district

Beaumont Independent School District is located in Jefferson County, TX
Beaumont Independent School District is located in Beaumont, Texas. It is a city in and county seat of Jefferson County, Texas. According to the 2010 US Census, it is home to 118,228 residents.[1] It is near the southeastern border of Texas and Louisiana, and the citywide district encompasses 153.34 square miles.


Beaumont outperformed the rest of Texas with regard to graduation rate, but under performed in regards to average household income and poverty rate in 2011. The graduation rate in Beaumont was 83.0% compared to 80.4% statewide. The US Census found that the average household income in Beaumont was $40,283 compared to $50,920 for Texas. Beaumont had a poverty rate of 21.6% in 2011, while Texas was 17.0%.[1]

Racial Demographics, 2010[1]
Race Beaumont City (%) Texas (%)
White 39.8 70.4
Black or African American 47.3 11.8
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.6 0.7
Asian 3.3 3.8
Two or More Races 2.0 2.7
Hispanic or Latino 13.4 37.6

Note: The United States Census Bureau considers "Hispanic or Latino" to be a place of origin, not a race. Therefore, the Census allows citizens to report both their race and that they are from a "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin simultaneously. As a result, the percentages in each column of the racial demographics table will exceed 100 percent. Each column will add up to 100 percent after removing the "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin percentages, although rounding by the Census Bureau may make the total one or two tenths off from being exactly 100 percent.[2] This Ballotpedia page provides a more detailed explanation of how the Census Bureau handles race and ethnicity in its surveys.


The current superintendent of the Beaumont Independent School District is Dr. Carroll A. Thomas, who was appointed by the board in 1996. Thomas earned a Bachelor's of Science degree from Texas A&I, his superintendent’s certificate from Texas Tech and his doctorate from Texas Southern University. Prior to Beaumont, Thomas served as superintendent of North Forest Independent School District in Houston, Texas, where his work earned him the title of Superintendent of the Year for Region 4. Thomas is responsible for introducing a student assignment plan that ended years of distress over integration in Beaumont.[3]

Superintendent salary

According to records received through the Texas Public Information Act, Beaumont ISD has one of the highest paid school superintendents in the state. Carrol Thomas received $322,117 in base pay for the 2007/08 year.[4]

School board

The Beaumont Independent School District is overseen by a seven-member board elected by district to three-year terms without compensation.[5]

Beaumont ISD School Board
Member Position District Term Ends
Woodrow Reece President District 3 2015
Janice Brassard Vice-President District 7 2013
Terry Williams Secretary District 1 2015
Thomas Neild Trustee District 6 2013
Mike Neil Trustee District 5 2015
Gwen Ambres Trustee District 4 2013
Zenobia Randall Bush Trustee District 2 2015

Elections and redistricting controversy

See also: Beaumont Independent School District elections (2013)

Three seats were scheduled to be up for election on the Beaumont Independent School District board on November 5, 2013. The general election was originally scheduled for May 11, 2013, but was postponed pending allegations that the election didn't comply with redistricting and the Voting Rights Act.[6] In March, the board rescinded a 7-0 redistricting map trustees approved in February and decided to use a map the Justice Department pre-cleared in 2001. The Ninth Court of Appeals originally ruled that all seven seats would be up for re-election. Three board members — Terry Williams, Zenobia Bush and board president Woodrow Reece — didn't file for their seats because they assumed they weren't up until 2015, causing them to potentially lose their seats on the board. In July, the Court ruled that only 3 seats, not all 7, would be up for re-election. They were Districts 4, 6 and 7.[7]

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The table below displays the budget for Beaumont Independent School District:[8]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2012-2013 $134,153,769 81.3% $7,936,353 4.8% $21,204,790 12.9% $0 0% $1,637,236 1% $164,932,148
2013-2014 $130,474,441 82.6% $7,175,480 4.5% $18,711,254 11.9% $0 0% $1,512,514 1% $157,873,689
2014-2015 $91,157,347 67.5% $7,553,313 5.6% $22,976,813 17% $0 0% $13,342,884 9.9% $135,030,357
Averages: $118,595,185.67 78% $7,555,048.67 5% $20,964,285.67 14% $0 0% $5,497,544.67 4% $152,612,064.67

Teacher salaries

Beaumont ISD Teacher Salary Schedule 2012-2013[9]
Experience Bachelor's Degree ($) Master's Degree ($) Doctorate Degree ($)
0 42,500 44,000 45,500
1 42,650 44,150 45,650
2 42,800 44,300 45,800
3 43,230 44,730 46,230
4 43,468 44,968 46,468
5 43,668 45,168 46,668
6 43,868 45,368 46,868
7 44,068 45,568 47,068
8 44,268 45,768 47,268
9 44,494 45,994 47,494
10 44,820 46,320 47,820
11 45,248 46,748 48,248
12 45,574 47,074 48,574
13 46,101 47,601 49,101
14 46,390 47,890 49,390
15 47,180 48,680 50,180
16 47,970 49,470 50,970
17 48,759 50,259 51,759
18 49,550 51,130 52,630
19 50,339 52,182 53,682
20 51,130 53,236 54,736
21 51,919 54,289 55,789
22 52,709 55,342 56,842
23 53,499 56,395 57,895
24 54,289 57,449 58,949
25 56,132 60,344 61,844
26 56,632 60,844 62,344
27 57,132 61,344 62,844
28 57,632 61,844 63,344
29 58,132 62,344 63,844
30 58,632 62,844 64,344
31+ 59,132 63,344 64,844

Schools in Beaumont ISD


Beaumont ISD serves 19,893 students in 26 schools.

District schools

Beaumont ISD operates 26 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[10]

Beaumont ISD Schools
School Name
Amelia Elementary School
Austin Middle School
Bingman Head Start
Blanchette Elementary School
Caldwood Elementary School
Central Medical Magnet High School
Charlton-Pollard Elementary School
Clifton J. Ozen High School
Dishman Elementary School
Fehl-Price Elementary School
Fletcher Elementary School
Homer Drive Elementary School
Lucas Pre-K Center
Dr. Mae E. Jones-Clark Elementary
Martin Elementary
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
Marshall Middle School
Odom Academy
Pietzsch-MacArthur Elementary School
Regina Howell Elementary School
Roy Guess Elementary School
Sallie Curtis Elementary School
South Park Middle School
Vincent Middle School
West Brook High School
Willie Ray Smith Middle School

Withholding public documents

According to the Texas Examiner in August 2008, BISD has "systematically delayed the release of, or outright withheld, information, documents and financial records requested pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act. And, the secrecy is not limited simply to citizens and media representatives; it also applies to school board trustees."

The newspaper reports that it has confirmed that:

  • Competitive bidding information was withheld from school board trustees.
  • During the July 31 meeting "Item S" on the agenda dealt with the awarding of a contract "to the proposed construction manager at risk for the prototypical elementary schools at Amelia Elementary, Blanchette Elementary and Martin Elementary."
  • The three companies were ranked in order of their recommendation but The Examiner later discovered that Allco Construction Inc. was not the lowest bidder.
  • However, trustees were not made aware of that fact.

According to Janice Brassard, school board vice-president, the trustees were not provided with the actual bids.

Brassard expressed that the members of the board of trustees need to be asking more questions in order to be responsible to the parents, students and taxpayers of the district. "Knowing what I know now, I think I need to ask some very pointed questions to get the answers that I need to feel comfortable. I am going (to) clearly start making lists of some very pointed questions about what is going on. I definitely have some concerns."

BISD taxpayers voted to approve a $389 million bond initiative in November 2007.

Contact information

BISD logo.png

Board of Trustees
Beaumont Independent School District
3395 Harrison Avenue
Beaumont, TX 77706
Phone: 409-617-5000

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