California Proposition 20, Lottery Funds for Textbooks (2000)

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California Proposition 20, officially designated as the Gardenas Textbook Act of 2000, was on the March 7, 2000 ballot in California as a legislatively-referred state statute, where it was approved.

Proposition 20 changed the way that a portion of the state's annual lottery revenues are distributed to public education by mandating that of the future growth in lottery funds, one-half of that increase must go to K-14 public schools to be spent on instructional materials.

The State of California has operated the California State Lottery since 1985. From 1985 through 2000, at the time that Proposition 20 was on the ballot, revenues from the lottery had been allocated in this way:

  • 50 percent was returned to players as prizes.
  • A minimum of 34% was allocated to public education.
  • A maximum of 16% was used to administer the lottery.[1]

In 2000, the California State Lottery had gross revenues of about $2.6 billion a year.[1]

Election results

Proposition 20
Approveda Yes 3,716,726 53.0%

Text of measure

Chart prepared by the LAO to illustrate the impact of Proposition 20


The ballot title was:

California State Lottery. Allocation for Instructional Materials. Legislative Initiative Amendment.


The summary of the ballot measure prepared by the California Attorney General read:

  • Amends Government Code section 8880.4 which provides that at least 34% of the total annual state lottery revenues shall be allocated to benefit public education.
  • Provides that beginning with 1998-99 fiscal year and each fiscal year thereafter, one-half of the amount of the share allocated to public education that exceeds the amount allocated in fiscal year 1997-98 shall be allocated to school and community college districts for the purchase of instructional materials.
  • The funds are distributed on the basis of an equal amount per unit of average daily attendance

Fiscal impact

See also: Fiscal impact statement

The California Legislative Analyst's Office provided an estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact for Proposition 20. That estimate was:

  • In the near term, tens of millions of dollars in annual lottery revenues that go to public education would be earmarked for instructional materials. Amounts earmarked in future years would depend on changes in the level of overall lottery revenues.

Path to the ballot

Proposition 20 was voted onto the ballot by the California State Legislature via Assembly Bill 1453 of the 1997-98 Regular Session (Chapter 800, Statutes of 1998).

Votes in legislature to refer to ballot
Chamber Ayes Noes
Assembly 59 11
Senate 22 12

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