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Elizabeth Public Schools
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Elizabeth Public Schools logo.jpg
District Profile
Superintendent:Olga Hugelmeyer
Graduation rate:71.0%
Number of schools:31
Budget: $495.4 million
Website:School Home Page
Board of Education
Board president:Tony Monteiro
Board members:9
Term length:3
Elizabeth Public Schools is a school district in New Jersey that served 23,988 K-12 students during the 2012-2013 school year. The district is the fourth-largest by enrollment in New Jersey.

About the district

Elizabeth Public Schools is located in Union County, New Jersey
Elizabeth Public Schools is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the county seat of Union County. Union County is home to 543,976 residents according to the U.S. Census.[1]


Union County underperformed compared to the state's median household income based on the 2010 U.S. Census. The median household income in Union County was $68,688 compared to $71,180 for the state of New Jersey. The poverty rate in Union County was 9.8% compared to 9.4% for the entire state. The U.S. Census also found that 31.6% of Union County residents aged 25 years and older attained a Bachelor's degree compared to 35.0% in New Jersey.[1]

Racial Demographics, 2012[1]
Race Union County (%) New Jersey (%)
White 69.0 73.8
Black or African American 23.3 14.7
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.7 0.6
Asian 5.1 9.0
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.1 0.1
Two or More Races 1.8 1.9
Hispanic or Latino 28.7 18.5

Party Affiliation, 2013[2]
Party Union County Registered Voters  % of Total
Democratic 126,969 42.12
Republican 43,735 14.51
Libertarian 84 0.01
Green 41 0.01
Other 34 0.01
Unaffiliated 130,598 43.34

Note: The United States Census Bureau considers "Hispanic or Latino" to be a place of origin, not a race. Therefore, the Census allows citizens to report both their race and that they are from a "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin simultaneously. As a result, the percentages in each column of the racial demographics table will exceed 100 percent. Each column will add up to 100 percent after removing the "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin percentages, although rounding by the Census Bureau may make the total one or two tenths off from being exactly 100 percent.[3]


The superintendent of Elizabeth Public Schools during the 2013-2014 school year was Olga Hugelmeyer. She joined the district in 2007 as an assistant superintendent. Hugelmeyer became the interim superintendent in October 2013 before receiving a full appointment to the position in December 2013.[4]

School board

The Elizabeth Board of Education consists of nine members who are elected at-large to three-year terms. Board members receive no compensation for their service.[5]

Elizabeth Board of Education
Member Term Ends
Tony Monteiro 2015
Elcy Castillo-Ospina 2015
Charlene Bathelus 2015
Ana Maria Amin 2017
Maria Z. Carvalho 2017
Stan Neron 2016
Paul Perreira 2017
José M. Rodríguez 2016
Carlos Trujillo 2016

School board elections

See also: Elizabeth Public Schools elections (2015)

Members of the Board of Education are elected to three-year terms on a staggered basis. Three seats were up for election on November 5, 2013, and November 4, 2014. Three seats are scheduled for election on November 3, 2015.

Public participation in board meetings

The Board of Education maintains the following policy regarding public participation at board meetings last updated in 2009:[5]

The Board recognizes the value to school governance of public comment on educational issues and the importance of allowing members of the public to express themselves on school matters of community interest.

In order to permit the fair and orderly expression of such comment, the Board will provide a period for public participation at all public meetings. The presiding officer of each Board meeting shall administer the rules of the Board for its conduct.

A. Public participation shall be permitted only as indicated in the order of business on the agenda;

B. Participants for the public portion must sign in up to an hour prior to the advertised start of the Board meeting so that they may have the opportunity to speak. The sign in sheet states the name, address, telephone number and reason that the person wants to comment, whether it is an agenda item or a general education comment. During the public portion of the meeting, the presiding officer will call up each individual to the microphone allowing them the opportunity to comment. The presiding officer will call up each individual in the order that they were signed in.

C. Participants may address the Board for a total of three (3) minutes. The presiding officer shall limit the total time of public participation to sixty (60) minutes. No individual is able to yield their time to another individual.

D. All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no participant may address or question Board members individually.

E. The following rules for public participation shall apply:

  • Time limits will be strictly enforced;
  • No personal attacks on individuals;
  • No vulgar or indecent language;
  • A person may address the Board no more than once during a single meeting;
  • A speaker should refrain from naming individuals;
  • Questions posed during public participation will not be debated.

F. The presiding officer or designee shall determine whether a person addressing the Board has attempted to solve a matter administratively through resolution channels established by policy. If not, the person shall be referred to the appropriate administrator.

G. Signs or placards brought to a Board meeting shall not block the view of those attending the meeting and shall only be allowed behind the last row of seats and/or against the side walls of the meeting room.

H. The presiding officer may:

  • Interrupt, warn or terminate a participant's statement when the statement is too lengthy, personally directed, abusive, obscene or irrelevant;
  • Request any individual to leave the meeting when that person does not observe reasonable decorum;
  • Request the assistance of law enforcement officers in the removal of a disorderly person when that person's conduct interferes with the orderly progress of the meeting;
  • Call for a recess for an adjournment to another time when the lack of public decorum so interferes with the orderly conduct of the meeting as to warrant such action.[6]


The table below displays the budget for Elizabeth Public Schools:[7]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2013-2014 $394,716,092 78.8% $0 0% $62,381,104 12.5% $0 0% $43,713,243 8.7% $500,810,339
2014-2015 $390,644,492 78.8% $0 0% $43,660,464 8.8% $0 0% $61,161,442 12.3% $495,466,398
Averages: $392,680,292 79% $0 0% $53,020,784 11% $0 0% $52,437,342.5 11% $498,138,368.5

Teacher salaries

Teacher salaries at Elizabeth Public Schools are categorized based on higher education achievement, professional development and years of service. A teacher with a Bachelor's degree can earn higher salaries by pursuing graduate degrees. The salary schedule also accounts for graduate degrees by providing higher starting salaries and greater potential salaries. The following table details the salary schedule negotiated between the district and teachers for 2011-2012:[8]

Salary structure
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
B.A. 38,215 72,153
MA 38,855 76,774
6th Year 40,429 80,972


Teachers in Elizabeth Public Schools are represented during contract negotiations by the Elizabeth Education Association (EEA). The President of EEA as of January 28, 2014 is Rose Carreto.[9]

Schools in Elizabeth Public Schools


The district served 23,988 K-12 students during the 2012-2013 school year. The district experienced a 12.1% increase in enrollment between 2008 and 2012. The following chart details enrollment in the district between 2008 and 2012:[10]

Total enrollment
Year Enrollment Year-to-year change (%)
2008 21,382 -
2009 21,743 1.6
2010 22,743 4.5
2011 23,386 2.8
2012 23,988 2.5

District schools

Elizabeth Public Schools operates 31 K-12 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[11]

Elizabeth Public Schools
Abraham Lincoln School No. 14
Benjamin Franklin School No. 13
Charles J. Hudson School No. 25
Christopher Columbus School No. 15
Dr. Albert Einstein Academy School No. 29
Dr. Antonia Pantoja School No. 27
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School No. 52
Dr. Orlando Edreira Academy No. 26
Donald Stewart School No. 51
Elizabeth High School
Elmora School No. 12
Frances C. Smith School No. 50
George Washington School No. 01
IPrep Academy School No. 8
John Marshall School No. 20
Joseph Battin School No. 04
Juan Pablo Duarte - Jose Julian Marti School No. 28
Mabel G. Holmes School No. 05
Madison-Monroe School No. 16
Monsignor Joao S. Antao School No. 31
Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23
Nicholas S. La Corte-Peterstown School No. 03
Robert Morris School No. 18
Ronald Reagan Academy School No. 30
Terence C. Reilly No. 07
Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy
Toussaint L'ouverture-Marquis de Lafayette School No. 06
Victor Mravlag School No. 21
William F. Halloran School No. 22
Winfield Scott School No. 02
Woodrow Wilson School No. 19

Academic performance

The New Jersey Department of Education administers annual standardized tests for math and English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency in every public school district. The New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) tests student proficiency in grades three through eight. The New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) tests student proficiency in the 11th grade. Student scores are broken down into Partially Proficient, Proficient and Advanced Proficient categories based on annual test results. The following table lists NJ ASK and HSPA results for the 2012-2013 school year in Elizabeth Public Schools:[12]

Student proficiency, 2012-2013
Grade level Subject Partially Proficient (%) Proficient (%) Advanced Proficient (%)
3 English Language Arts 46.0 53.1 0.9
3 Math 34.0 34.4 31.5
4 English Language Arts 56.4 41.9 1.7
4 Math 27.0 45.9 27.1
5 English Language Arts 56.9 41.5 1.6
5 Math 31.2 39.5 29.3
6 English Language Arts 52.0 47.4 0.6
6 Math 28.6 51.5 19.8
7 English Language Arts 51.2 45.4 3.4
7 Math 46.8 37.1 16.1
8 English Language Arts 28.0 69.4 2.6
8 Math 42.0 36.1 21.9
11 English Language Arts 22.9 70.8 6.4
11 Math 36.8 52.3 10.9

Contact information

Elizabeth Public Schools logo.jpg
Elizabeth Public Schools
500 North Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07208-3302
Phone: (908) 436-5000

Website evaluation

Elected Officials P
Administrative Officials
Contracts N
600px-Red x.png
Audits N
600px-Red x.png
Public Records N
600px-Red x.png
Academics N
600px-Red x.png
Background Checks N
600px-Red x.png

School district websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process

See also: Evaluation of New Jersey school district websites

The good

  • Meeting minutes, agendas, and notices are posted.[13][14]
  • Elected officials are posted, but their contact information is not available.[15]
  • Contact information for administrative officials is posted.[16]
  • Tax information is included in the budget. Tax rates and revenue sources are listed.[17]

The bad

  • Contact information for elected officials not available.
  • Teacher contracts are not posted.
  • Audits are not available.
  • Information regarding background checks not posted.
  • Academic performance is not noted on the website.
  • Public records are not available.

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