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Pennsylvania lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2010

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The Pennsylvania lieutenant gubernatorial election of 2010 was held on November 2, 2010. The primary election date was May 18. The deadline for filing nomination papers was March 9.[1]

In Pennsylvania, as in half a dozen states, the lieutenant gubernatorial election is on a separate ticket in the primary election and on a shared ticket with the gubernatorial candidate in the general election. Following the May primary, Democrat H. Scott Conklin and Republican Jim Cawley faced off in November. The GOP team of Corbett and Cawley won by a little over eight points and will take office in early 2011.

In 2010, races in Pennsylvania will be viewed as consequential for the Democratic party at large. The incumbent Governor Ed Rendell, is term-limited, leaving an open seat. Although the state went for Barack Obama in 2008, the fourth time the state went to the Democrats in a row[2], the margins and the state's reputation still keep it on the list of critical swing states each cycle.[3]

Additionally, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Arlen Specter in 2008 switched parties from Republican to Democrat, a controversial move. Senator Specter faced a tough re-election bid[4]. Consequently, the outcome of Pennsylvania's elections in 2010 will be considered one of several political thermometers used to gauge the broader political scope in the nation[5].

The November Ballot – Who's Made It? Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor
Nominee Affiliation
H. Scott Conklin Democrat
Jim Cawley Republican
This lists candidates who won their state's primary or convention, or who were unopposed, and who have since been officially certified for the November ballot by their state's election authority.

November 2, 2010 general election results

As of November 30, 2010, 100% of precincts have reported. Election results will be certified no later than December 2, 2010.[6]

2010 Pennsylvania lieutenant gubernatorial general election
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party H. Scott Conklin 45.51%
     Republican Party Approveda Jim Cawley 54.49%
Total Votes 3,987,551



  • H. Scott Conklin, a state Representative, secured the nomination after an extraordinarily close primary which would have gone to recount if fellow top vote getter Jonathan A. Saidel had chosen to ask for one. Conklin is, by trade, a carpenter and owns his own construction firm.

  • Jonathan A. Saidel, along with Mr. Conklin, came in at 35% in the primary. However, he waived his right to call for a recount, officially conceding to Conklin on May 26, 2010, saying, "It was pretty clear we would not have enough votes to win."
  • Doris A. Smith-Ribner, a Commonwealth Court Justice, had switched her candidacy from the Class 3 Senate Seat to the Lt. Governor's race in January 2010, only to lose her primary.


  • James F. "Jim" Cawley, Commissioner of Bucks County

  • Chet Beiler
  • Russ Diamond
  • Businessman and veteran Steve Johnson
  • John Kennedy, a former state Representative, served in the Army and went to found his own railway construction firm
  • Billy McCue has worked in the film industry in addition to nurturing a life-long interest in politics
  • Daryl Metcalfe, an engineer and Army veteran who now serves in Pennsylvania's House of Representatives
  • Jean Craige Pepper, a financial advisor, is currently completing her LLM
  • Stephen Anthony "Steve" Urban, Commissioner of Luzen County, ran for the State Senate in District 14 since losing his primary


  • Ed Roberson


  • Kat Valleley was officially running as a Libertarian until August 17, 2010. Faced with the high costs of petitioning onto the ballot as a third party candidate, she withdrew and is now campaigning as a write-in candidate.

May 18, 2010 primary

2010 Race for Lieutenant Governor - Democrat Primary[7]
Candidates Percentage
Green check mark.jpg H. Scott Conklin (D) 35.29%
Jonathan A. Saidel (D) 34.89%
Doris A. Smith-Ribner (D) 29.81%
Total votes 902,903
2010 Race for Lieutenant Governor - Republican Primary[8]
Candidates Percentage
Chet Beiler (R) 20.51%
Green check mark.jpg Jim Cawley (R) 26.21%
Russ Diamond (R) 4.49%
Steve Johnson (R) 10.47%
John Kennedy (R) 9.19%
Daryl Metcalfe (R) 3.53%
Billy McCue (R) 3.53%
Jean Craige Pepper (R) 8.37%
Steven A. Urban (R) 4.48%
Total votes 802,804

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