Mehlville School District, Missouri

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Mehlville School District
St. Louis County, Missouri
Mehlville School District logo.jpeg
District Profile
Superintendent:Dr. Eric D. Knost
Enrollment:10,647 students
Number of schools:16
Budget: $109.8 million
Website:School Home Page
Board of Education
Board president:Mark Stoner
Board members:7
Term length:3
Mehlville School District is a school district in Missouri that serves St. Louis County. It is the 18th-largest school district in Missouri, serving 10,647 students in 16 schools with an operating budget of $109.8 million.[1]

About the district

Mehlville School District is located in St. Louis County, Missouri
Mehlville School District is located in St. Louis County, Missouri. The county seat of St. Louis County is Clayton. The county's population was 221,939 according to the 2010 U.S. Census.[2]


St. Louis County outperforms the rest of Missouri in terms of higher education attainment, median income and poverty rate. The 2010 U.S. Census found that 39.8% of St. Louis County residents over 25 years old held undergraduate degrees compared to a 25.8% rate for the state of Missouri. St. Louis County had a median income of $58,485 in 2010 compared to $47,333 for Missouri. The poverty rate for St. Louis County was 8.3% in 2010 compared to a 10.5% rate for the rest of the state.[2]

Racial Demographics, 2010[2]
Race St. Louis County (%) Missouri (%)
White 70.5 82.8
Black or African American 23.6 11.6
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.2 0.5
Asian 3.8 1.6
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.1 0.1
Two or More Races 1.8 2.1
Hispanic or Latino 2.7 3.5

Note: The United States Census Bureau considers "Hispanic or Latino" to be a place of origin, not a race. Therefore, the Census allows citizens to report both their race and that they are from a "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin simultaneously. As a result, the percentages in each column of the racial demographics table will exceed 100 percent. Each column will add up to 100 percent after removing the "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin percentages, although rounding by the Census Bureau may make the total one or two tenths off from being exactly 100 percent.[3]


The current superintendent of Mehlville School District is Dr. Eric D. Knost, who was appointed to the position in December 2010. He had previously been serving as the district's deputy superintendent. His annual base salary is $185,000.[4]

School board

The Mehlville School Board consists of seven members who are elected at-large to three-year terms.[5]

Mehlville School Board
Member Position Term Ends
Mark Stoner President 2014
Lori Trakas Vice President 2016
Rich Franz Secretary 2014
Kathleen Eardley Member 2015
Ron Fedorchak Member 2015
Larry Felton Member 2016
Elaine Powers Member 2014

School board elections

See also: Mehlville School District elections (2014)

Members of the Mehlville School Board are elected at-large to three-year terms. Two seats were up for election in April 2013; Board Vice President Lori Trakas and member Larry Felton were elected to the board. Three seats will be on the ballot on April 8, 2014 and two seats in April 2015.


The table below displays the budget for Mehlville School District:[1]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2010-2011 $76,008,000 75.9% $9,799,000 9.8% $4,671,000 4.7% $8,050,000 8% $1,585,000 1.6% $100,113,000
2011-2012 $75,092,000 75% $9,176,000 9.2% $4,135,000 4.1% $10,541,000 10.5% $1,188,000 1.2% $100,132,000
2012-2013 $76,718,000 77% $10,206,000 10.2% $4,178,000 4.2% $6,402,000 6.4% $2,168,000 2.2% $99,672,000
2013-2014 $79,241,000 74.9% $10,854,000 10.3% $4,668,000 4.4% $9,378,000 8.9% $1,586,000 1.5% $105,727,000
2014-2015 $82,620,000 75.3% $11,265,000 10.3% $4,743,000 4.3% $9,517,000 8.7% $1,646,000 1.5% $109,791,000
Averages: $77,935,800 76% $10,260,000 10% $4,479,000 4% $8,777,600 9% $1,634,600 2% $103,087,000

Teacher salaries

Teachers in the Mehlville School District earn annual salaries based on years on the job as well as educational achievement. The salary schedule accounts for graduate degrees by providing higher starting salaries and greater potential salaries. The scale is set up using steps, those of which don't necessarily correlate with years of experience. The following table details the salary schedule for the 2013-2014 school year:[6]

Salary structure
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
B.A. 35,709 42,789
B.A. + 15 36,699 43,796
MA 38,570 65,596
MA + 30 40,925 70,744
Multiple degrees 45,136 77,074

Schools in Mehlville School District


Mehlville School District serves 10,647 students, as of 2011-2012 enrollment data. The district experienced a 3.9% decrease in enrollment between 2007 and 2012. The following chart details enrollment in the district between 2007 and 2012:[7]

Total enrollment
Year Enrollment Year-to-year change (%)
2007 11,083 -
2008 10,969 -1.0
2009 10,788 -1.7
2010 10,816 0.3
2011 10,699 -1.1
2012 10,647 -0.5

District schools

Mehlville School District operates 16 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[8]

Mehlville School District
School Name
Beasley Elementary School
Bernard Middle School
Bierbaum Elementary School
Blades Elementary School
Margaret Buerkle Middle School
Forder Elementary School
Hagemann Elementary School
Mehlville High School
Oakville Elementary School
Oakville High School
Oakville Middle School
Point Elementary School
Rogers Elementary School
Trautwein Elementary School
Washington Middle School
Wohlwend Elementary School

Academic performance

For the 2012-2013 school year, Mehlville School District students earned an average Missouri Assessment Program index score of 364.2. Students scored highest in science with an index score of 376.4, but they scored lowest in social studies with an index score of 341.7. The district's average MAP index score ranked 102 out of the 469 Missouri school districts that reported scores for all four tested subject areas.[9]


Merit pay

In January 2014, it was announced that the Mehlville School Board was considering giving raises to teachers that met certain standards set by the Missouri School Improvement Program. Board member Elaine Powers stated that specific details had not been sorted out yet, but that it was being given serious consideration.[10]

Contact information

Mehlville School District logo.jpeg
Mehlville School Board
3120 Lemay Ferry Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63125
Phone: (314) 467-5000

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