North Dakota Referral and Initiative Reform Amendment, Measure 4 (2014)

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Measure 4
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Type:Constitutional amendment
Constitution:Article III, Section 2
Referred by:North Dakota Legislature
Topic:Direct democracy
Status:On the ballot
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November 4
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Measure 4
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The North Dakota Referral and Initiative Reform Amendment, Measure 4 is on the November 4, 2014 ballot in the state of North Dakota as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure, upon voter approval, would require that initiated measures estimated to have a significant fiscal impact be placed on the general election ballot and prohibit initiated constitutional amendments that would make a direct appropriation of public funds for a specific purpose.[1]

The amendment was introduced into the North Dakota Legislature as House Concurrent Resolution 3011.[1]

Text of measure

Constitutional changes

Measure 4 amends Section 2 of Article III of the Constitution of North Dakota to read:[1]

Section 2. A petition to initiate or to refer a measure must be presented to the secretary of state for approval as to form. A request for approval must be presented over the names and signatures of twenty-five or more electors as sponsors, one of whom must be designated as chairman of the sponsoring committee. The secretary of state shall approve the petition for circulation if it is in proper form and contains the names and addresses of the sponsors and the full text of the measure.

The legislative assembly may provide by law for a procedure through which the legislative council may establish an appropriate method for determining the extend of the fiscal impact of an initiative measure and for making the information regarding the fiscal impact of the measure available to the public. A measure determined to have a significant fiscal impact must be voted on at a general election.

If a petition to initiate a constitutional amendment would make a direct appropriation of public funds for a specific purpose or would require the legislative assembly to appropriate funds for a specific purpose, the petition may not be approved for circulation.[2]



The officials who sponsored the amendment in the North Dakota Legislature are:[1]

Path to the ballot

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According to Section 16 of Article IV of the North Dakota Constitution, the legislature had to approve the bill by a simple majority in order to place the measure on the ballot. HCR 3011 was passed by the North Dakota House on April 22, 2013. The bill was passed by the North Dakota Senate on April 24, 2013.[3]

House vote

April 22, 2013 House vote

North Dakota HCR 3011 House Vote
Approveda Yes 54 60.67%

Senate vote

April 24, 2013 Senate vote

North Dakota HCR 3011 Senate Vote
Approveda Yes 29 61.70%

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