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Public education in Hawaii

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K-12 Education in Hawaii
State Superintendent: Kathryn Matayoshi
Number of students: 182,706[1]
Number of teachers: 11,458
Teacher/pupil ratio: 1:15.9
Number of school districts: 1
Number of schools: 287
Graduation rate: 82%[2]
Per-pupil spending: $12,004[3]
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School choice

The state of Hawaii has 31 public charter schools that serve over 7,600 K-12 students and employ more than 1000 public employees. They are open to all students who wish to attend and are paid for by the taxpayers.[4]

Hawaii is subject to state and federal performance standards and as a group, outperformed traditional public school students on the 2003-04 Hawai'i State Assessment and SAT tests. 67% of charter schools met the 2005-06 SAT honor roll criteria, up from 40% in 2003-04[4]

Below is a list of current charter schools in Hawaii:[5]

Island School Grades Enrolled Total Enrollment
Hawai'i Connections K-12 323
O'ahu Education Laboratory, a Hawai'i K-12 426
O'ahu Hakipu'u Learning Center, a Hawai'i 7-12 85
O'ahu Halau Ku Mana 6-12 130
O'ahu Halau Lokahi K-12 253
Hawai'i Hawai'i Academy of Arts & Science (HAAS) K-12 405
O'ahu Hawai'i Technology Academy K-12 237
Hawai'i Innovations 1-8 167
Hawai'i Ka 'Umeke Ka'eo K-7 205
O'ahu Ka Waihona o ka Na'auao K-8 524
O'ahu Kamaile Academy Pre K-6 712
Hawai'i Kanu o ka 'Aina K-12 197
Kaua'i Kanuikapono Learning Center K-11 44
Kaua'i Kawaikini K-12 79
Hawai'i Ke Ana La'ahana 7-12 79
Hawai'i Ke Kula 'o Nawahiokalani'opu'u Iki Laboratory K-8 137
Kaua'i Ke Kula Ni'ihau O Kekaha Learning Center K-12 37
O'ahu Ke Kula 'o Samuel M. Kamakau K-12 104
Maui Kihei K-12 426
Hawai'i Kona Pacific K-4 96
Hawai'i Kua o ka La K-1, 6-12 82
Moloka'i Kualapu'u Elementary K-6 375
Kaua'i Kula Aupuni Ni'ihau A Kehelelani Aloha (KANAKA) K-12 59
O'ahu Lanikai Elementary K-6 330
O'ahu Myron B. Thompson Academy K-12 583
Hawai'i Volcano School of Arts & Science K-8 147
O'ahu Voyager K-8 231
O'ahu Wai'alae Elementary K-5 412
Hawai'i Waimea Middle Public Conversion 6-8 357
Hawai'i Waters of Life K-12 153
Hawai'i West Hawai'i Explorations Academy 6-12 178

State Budget Solutions’ Education Study: “Throwing Money At Education Isn’t Working”

State Budget Solutions’ examined national trends in education from 2009-2011, including state-by-state analysis of education spending, graduation rates, and average ACT scores. The study shows that states that spend the most do not have the highest average ACT test scores, nor do they have the highest average graduation rates. A summary of the study is available here. Download the full report here: Throwing Money At Education Isn’t Working.

See National Chart to compare data from all 50 states.

State Spending on Education vs. Academic Performance 2012

State 2011 Total Spending[6] 2011 Education Spending[7] 2011 Percent Education Spending 2012 Total Spending[8] 2012 Education Spending[9] 2012 Percent Education Spending 2010 Avg. ACT score[10] 2011 Avg. ACT score[11] 2012 Avg. ACT score[12] 2010 Graduation Rate[13] 2011 Graduation Rate[14]
Hawaii $13.8 billion $3.2 billion 23.1% $13.6 billion $3.4 billion 25.0% 21.6 21.3 21.3 75.4% 76.0%

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

Main article: Hawaii government sector lobbying

The Hawaii Board of Education belongs to the National School Boards Association, a government sector lobbying association.[15] It does not have registered lobbyists and has stated that it does not lobby in a way that needs to be disclosed.[16]

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