Arizona Vote on School District Consolidation Act (2008)

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The School District Consolidation Act would consolidate 76 of Arizona's 227 school districts. Those 76 districts would become 27 K-12 school districts in order to save money and consolidate resources.[1]


The Arizona School District Redistricting Commission was created by the legislature in 2005. It met over a period of three years, ultimately putting forward the specific unification proposals that voters in the affected school districts will vote on in November.[1]

A group supporting the unification measures is the Parent Unification Committee.

"I don't support unification because it saves tax dollars or creates efficiencies; I support it because it is better for kids, period." Richard Foreman, director of the Parent Unification Committee.[2]


The Arizona Education Association is opposing this measure. John Wright, president of the AEA said, "There are too many questions that are unanswered - questions about the tax rates and the salaries. The commission's answer was the new school board will have to decide that. That is an unfortunate response."[2]</blockquote>

A number of individual opposing organizations have sprung up in districts, especially elementary school districts, that would be folded into larger, consolidated districts if the measures pass.


Voters throughout the state who live in school districts where consolidation proposals have been made will have the opportunity to vote on the specific proposal that affects their school district.

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  • Yes on the Question. This website supports consolidation of the 34 school districts in Maricopa County affected by unification.