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Oregon permits online voter registration. As Oregon's elections are done by mail only, there is no need for absentee or early voting. Oregon voters must provide identification during the registration process or they will not be allowed to vote.

For full information about voting in Oregon, contact the state election agency.


To vote in Oregon, you must be:[1]

  • A resident of Oregon
  • A US citizen
  • At least 17 years old[2]

—Oregon Secretary of State

When and where

You may register to vote at any County Elections office, the office of the Secretary of State, any DMV office or by downloading the registration form and sending it to your County Elections office. The deadline to register is 21 days before an election.[1]

Online registration

See also: Online voter registration in the 50 states

As of May 2015, Oregon is one of 20 states that have implemented full online voter registration. Residents can register online at this website.

Voting on Election Day

Voter identification

See also: Voter identification laws by state

Oregon is a vote-by-mail state. When registering to vote, a voter must provide his or her driver's license or state ID card.[1]

Poll times

See also: State Poll Opening and Closing Times

Oregon is an elections-by-mail state. A voter can still vote on Election Day at their local municipal clerks office, however, between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time.[3] Oregon is split between the Mountain and Pacific time zones.

Primary voting

Oregon is one of 12 states to use a strictly closed primary process, in which the selection of a party's candidates in an election is limited to registered party members.[4][5][6]

Absentee and early voting

See also: Absentee voting and Early voting

Oregon exclusively uses a vote-by-mail system. As such, there is no need for explicit absentee or early voting procedures.[7]

Proposed changes


The 2013 Oregon State Legislature considered a bill that would have permitted automatic voter registration. The bill passed the House, but did not receive a vote in the Senate. The process would have required the DMV to send information on licensed drivers to the Secretary of State. Those that met the legal requirements to vote and were not already registered would be added to the system. As Oregon uses a vote-by-mail system, most residents would have then automatically received a ballot in their mailbox.[8]

Bill Introduced House Vote Senate Vote Gubernatorial Action
HB 3521 April 30, 2013 in Oregon House of Representatives Approveda on June 25, 32 to 28

Election policy ballot measures

Voting on
elections and campaigns
Ballot measures
By state
By year
Not on ballot
See also: Elections and campaigns on the ballot and List of Oregon ballot measures

Ballotpedia has tracked the following ballot measures relating to election and campaign policy in Oregon.

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  12. Oregon Deadline for Filling Vacancies at General Election, Measure 3 (1994)
  13. Oregon Deceased Candidate Procedure Measure 31 (2004)
  14. Oregon Election of Primary Delegates, Measure 28 (1914)
  15. Oregon Elections for School District Operating Levies, Measure 1 (May 1977)
  16. Oregon Elections to Fill Office Vacancies, Measure 9 (1926)
  17. Oregon Elimination of Voter Turnout Requirement for Property Tax Measures, Measure 53 (May 1998)
  18. Oregon General Biennial Elections from June to November, Measure 4 (June 1908)
  19. Oregon Increasing Direct Democracy and Electoral Reform, Measure 31 (1910)
  20. Oregon Initiative 38 (2006)
  21. Oregon Judicial Districts and Elections, Measure 22 (2002)
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  27. Oregon Number of Signatures Needed for Recall Referendum, Measure 1 (1984)
  28. Oregon Open Primary Initiative, Measure 90 (2014)
  29. Oregon Partial Public Funding of Campaigns, Measure 7 (1976)
  30. Oregon Presidential Primaries, Measure 29 (1910)
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  41. Oregon Repeal Election of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Measure 1 (1980)
  42. Oregon School District Election Amendment, Measure 54 (2008)
  43. Oregon Simultaneous Elections Throughout the State, Measure 5 (June 1917)
  44. Oregon Special Election for U.S. Senator Vacancy, Measure 4 (May 1986)
  45. Oregon State Voter Qualifications Conform with Federal Qualifications, Measure 10 (1974)
  46. Oregon Supermajority Proposals Require Supermajority for Passage, Measure 63 (1998)
  47. Oregon Synchronized City, County and State Elections, Measure 2 (1976)
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  56. Oregon Voter Registration Cutoff Before Election, Measure 13 (1986)
  57. Oregon Voters' Registration, Measure 5 (June 1927)
  58. Oregon Voting Age for School District Elections, Measure 8 (1974)

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