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The Indiana Legislative Services Agency (LSA) is the legislative service agency of the Indiana General Assembly handling all fiscal analysis and research matters. The LSA is served by three divisions that provide fiscal analysis, legislative research, revision of statutes, and publications to the legislature, media, and the general public[1].


The Legislative Services Agency is governed by an executive director who along with three division directors and four deputy directors oversee a 78 person staff serving Indiana's legislators[2].


There are three divisions that comprise of the Legislative Services Agency in Indiana.

Office of Bill Drafting and Research (OBDR)

The Office of Bill Drafting and Research is responsible for all legislative research and related bill drafting. The Legislative Services Agency has an Attorney staffed to one or more of the 40 standing committees in the Indiana General Assembly[2].

Office of Code Revision (OCR)

The Office of Code Revision serves as the official reviser and keepers of the Indiana Code. Also, the Office of Code Revision edits all bill and amendment drafts that were originally drafted by the Office of Bill Drafting and Research[2]. The OCR also publishes the Indiana Administrative Code and also the Indiana Register which serves as the official publication of new and proposed administrative rules, opinions from the Indiana Attorney General, and executive orders from the Governor of Indiana[2].

Office of Fiscal Management and Analysis (OFMA)

The Office of Fiscal Management and Analysis serves as the division overseeing the fiscal affairs of the Indiana Government. The OFMA publishes fiscal impact statements relating to all appropriations and revenue bills in the Indiana Legislature[3]. The OFMA also published the Indiana Handbook of Taxes, Revenues, and Appropriations which outlines the Indiana State Budget[1].

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