Finance and Appropriations Committee, Ohio House of Representatives

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The Finance and Appropriations Committee is a standing committee of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Per the House Rules, committees of the Ohio House of Representatives are appointed by the Speaker of the House. The rules do not specify when or how often committees are assigned. The Minority Leader can recommend minority membership and a ranking minority member for each committee.[1] The Speaker shall assign the chairmen of each standing committee.[2] The first named member of any committee or subcommittee shall be the chairman, and the second named member shall be the vice-chair.[3] Any vacancies that have occurred in any committees or subcommittees after members have been appointed will be filled by the Speaker.[4] The Speaker, President Pro Tempore and the Minority Leader are considered to be nonvoting members on all standing committees and are not counted in determing quorum, except in the committees where they are regular members. At the Minority Leader's request, the Assistant Minority Leader can become a nonvoting member of a committee in the Minority Leader's absence.[5]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Rules of the House



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Finance and Appropriations Committee Members, 2013
Democratic members (11)Republican members (20)
Vernon Sykes, Ranking Minority MemberRon Amstutz, Chair
Nickie J. AntonioJeff McClain, Vice Chair
Mike AshfordRichard N. Adams
John Patrick CarneyMarlene Anielski
Kathleen ClydePeter Beck
Denise DriehausTimothy Derickson
Mike FoleyMike Dovilla
Matt LundyMike Duffey
Debbie PhillipsAnne Gonzales
Dan RamosCheryl L. Grossman
Alicia ReeceDavid Hall
Bill Hayes
Ron Maag
Ross W. McGregor
Cliff Rosenberger
Barbara R. Sears
Ryan Smith
Robert Sprague
Peter Stautberg
Gerald L. Stebelton



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