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United States House of Representatives elections in Arizona, 2014

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2014 U.S. House Elections in Arizona

Primary Date
August 26, 2014

Partisan breakdownCandidates

Arizona District Pages
District 1District 2District 3District 4District 5District 6District 7District 8District 9

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2014 U.S. Senate Elections

Flag of Arizona.png
The 2014 U.S. House of Representatives elections in Arizona will take place on November 4, 2014. Voters will elect nine candidates to serve in the U.S. House, one from each of the state's nine congressional districts.
Candidate Filing Deadline Primary Election General Election
May 28, 2014
August 26, 2014
November 4, 2014

Primary: Arizona is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. The primary is considered semi-closed. Unaffiliated voters may choose which party's primary they will vote in, but voters registered with a party can only vote in that party's primary.[1][2][3]

Voter registration: Voters must register to vote in the primary by July 28, 2014. For the general election, the voter registration deadline is October 6, 2014.[4]

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Battleground races


Arizona is home to three battleground districts in 2014: Arizona's 1st Congressional District, Arizona's 2nd Congressional District and Arizona's 9th Congressional District. All three of these districts are currently held by Democratic incumbents.

District 1

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Arizona's 1st Congressional District is a battleground in 2014. Incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick (D) is seeking re-election in a district with a Republican lean according to both Cook's PVI and Fairvote.[2][5] Additionally, Kirkpatrick won the district in 2012 by under 4 percent, and the Republican presidential candidate won the district in both 2012 and 2008.

Kirkpatrick will face the winner of the Republican primary between Adam Kwasman, Gary Kiehne, and Andy Tobin in the general election.

District 2

See also: Arizona's 2nd Congressional District elections, 2014

Arizona's 2nd Congressional District is a battleground in 2014. Incumbent Ron Barber (D) is seeking re-election in a district with nearly even amounts of Republican and Democratic voters according to Cook's PVI and Fairvote.[2][5] Barber is a freshman incumbent who won election to the district by less than 1 percent in 2012. Additionally, the Republican presidential candidate won the district in both 2012 and 2008.

Barber will very likely face Martha McSally (R) in November in a rematch of the 2012 general election. McSally holds a tremendous fundraising edge over the other Republican candidates for the seat, Shelley Kais and Chuck Wooten, as of the April 2014 Quarterly reports.

District 9

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Arizona's 9th Congressional District is a battleground in 2014. Incumbent Kyrsten Sinema (D) is seeking re-election in a district with relatively even numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans according to Cook's PVI and Fairvote.[2][5] Sinema is a freshman incumbent who won election in 2012 by just over 4 percent of the vote. The district was won by President Barack Obama by roughly 4 percent in both 2012 and 2008.

Sinema will face the winner of the Republican primary between Wendy Rogers and Andrew Walter in the November general election.

Partisan breakdown

Heading into the November 4 election, the Democratic Party holds five of the nine congressional seats from Arizona.

Members of the U.S. House from Arizona -- Partisan Breakdown
Party As of July 2014 After the 2014 Election
     Democratic Party 5 Pending
     Republican Party 4 Pending
Total 9 9


Heading into the 2014 election, the incumbents for the nine congressional districts are:

Name Party District
Ann Kirkpatrick Electiondot.png Democratic 1
Ron Barber Electiondot.png Democratic 2
Raul Grijalva Electiondot.png Democratic 3
Paul Gosar Ends.png Republican 4
Matt Salmon Ends.png Republican 5
David Schweikert Ends.png Republican 6
Ed Pastor Electiondot.png Democratic 7
Trent Franks Ends.png Republican 8
Kyrsten Sinema Electiondot.png Democratic 9


Candidate Ballot Access
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1st Congressional District

Democratic Party Ann Kirkpatrick - Incumbent
Republican Party Adam Kwasman - State representative
Republican Party Gary Kiehne - Businessman[6]
Republican Party Andy Tobin - State representative[6]

2nd Congressional District

Democratic Party Ron Barber - Incumbent
Republican Party Martha McSally
Republican Party Shelley Kais
Republican Party Chuck Wooten

3rd Congressional District

Democratic Party Raul Grijalva - Incumbent
Republican Party Gabriela Saucedo Mercer


Libertarian Party Miguel Olivas

4th Congressional District

Republican Party Paul Gosar - Incumbent
Democratic Party Mikel Weisser

Not on ballot

Republican Party Kristopher Mortensen

5th Congressional District

Republican Party Matt Salmon - Incumbent
Democratic Party James Woods

6th Congressional District

Republican Party David Schweikert - Incumbent
Democratic Party John Williamson

7th Congressional District

Democratic Party Randy Camacho
Democratic Party Ruben Gallego - Former state representative
Democratic Party Jarrett Maupin
Democratic Party Mary Rose Wilcox - Maricopa County Supervisor
Libertarian Party Joe Cobb


Democratic Party Steve Gallardo - State senator
Democratic Party Johnnie Robinson
Republican Party Brianna Wasserman
Libertarian Party Ted Rogers


Democratic Party Cesar Chavez

8th Congressional District

Republican Party Trent Franks - Incumbent
Republican Party Clair Van Steenwyk

9th Congressional District

Democratic Party Kyrsten Sinema - Incumbent
Republican Party Wendy Rogers - 2012 candidate[7]
Republican Party Andrew Walter[8]

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